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Long Distance Vmotion. The need is to have the resources close enough to the end. Now let’s walk through what happens when you move a.

VMware vSphere 6の新機能と用途 Think IT(シンクイット)
VMware vSphere 6の新機能と用途 Think IT(シンクイット) from

This solution can be automated and orchestrated a. Both sites must share the same storage or be part of something like emc vplex metro. Web watch how f5's wan optimization enables long distance vmotion migration between data centers over the wan.

VMware vSphere 6の新機能と用途 Think IT(シンクイット)

Web set vmotion mtu to 1400 since it's being tunneled. This means all the requirements and features that applies to. The license is right there. Web long distance vmotion duncan epping· sep 21, 2009· as you might have noticed last week i’m still digesting all the info from vmworld.